Digital Inclusion Catalogue

Features supporting access for persons with disabilities by type of device

Features supporting access for persons with disabilities by type of device:

Know who is calling:

You can know the call by personalizing the ringtone or vibration of your contacts. This makes things more convenient when your phone is out of reach.

Make a call easily:

Large icons and a simplified interface make it easier to use the screen. Voice command enables you to make calls with your voice without using the keypad.

Read more easily:

You can enlarge the size of the characters and change the contrast to read or write messages more comfortably.

Tell what is displayed on the screen:

The speech synthesis feature enables reading the information displayed on the screen aloud, such as the battery level or messages received.

Use hearing aids:

You can make your phone calls comfortably.

Alert your friends and family:

The SOS key or icon enables you to send an alert message quickly to your friends and family and gives your GPS position to facilitate emergency assistance.

Orange Confort+ Services

This service makes using websites easier through an extension to the Internet browser. Orange Confort+ provides twenty adjustments to adapt websites to your needs.

Orange Confort+ Services makes it easier for users with visual impairments, eyestrain, difficulty recognizing words, dyslexia, difficulty using a mouse or setting up a computer, and more. You only need to complete the service settings once; all websites will consider your preferences.

Orange Confort+ is a browser extension, free to download, available for

  • FireFox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11